What are your available scents?
We have twelve (12) different scents. Five (5) signature scents, five (5) special scents and two (2) seasonal scents.

For a complete guide of our scents, please check it here.
What are your home fragrances?
We have four different kinds of home fragrance.
  • Scented soy wax candle
    • 100g
    • 220g
  • Reed diffuser oil
    • 50mL
    • 100mL
  • Home and linen spray 100mL
  • Water-soluble humidifier oil 30mL

How long do your candles burn?
Following proper candle care, our 220g sizes burn for approximately 60-64 hours while the 100g burn for approximately 30-34 hours

How do I properly take care of my candle?
  • Trim. Keep your wick trimmed to ¼ inches before lighting for a clean burn.
  • Burn. Light the wooden wick using a long matchstick or lighter gun.
  • Melt. Allow the wax to melt up to the edges of the jar to prevent tunneling.
  • Enjoy. Allow the wax to solidify after burning. Cover the candle every after use.
Are your home fragrances vegan friendly?
Yes! We use 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and wood wicks which is a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton wicks.
Do you offer bulk discounts for wedding/event/corporate gift?
Yes! If you would like to order for corporate gifting, please send us a message here.
Shipping rates
We ship nationwide and worldwide too. For the shipping rates, please refer here.
Do you have a jar recycling program?
Yes! One of our brand advocacies is to maximize the life of each bottles and jars. To know more about our #RefilltoReduce advocacy, click here.

MORE QUESTIONS? Reach us at balayobra@gmail.com