Our story

BÁLAY OBRA is a local brand that offers artisanal home fragrances and thoughtfully made home decor pieces curated and founded by two Interior Designers. We believe that pieces crafted intentionally create meaningful human connections within a home.

To pay homage to our origin, the island province of Catanduanes, we seek to create simple yet sentimental products that echo our brand's nature. We reimagined how we feel about a home, and those familiar feelings were captured and translated into each product. With the vision to cultivate a brand that provides a nostalgic sensation, each piece was carefully hand-crafted to produce a one-of-a-kind work — a masterpiece for your home.

Home Fragrances

  • #OurOrigin

    BÁLAY OBRA'S first collection of home decors was released in Catanduanes - an island situated in the eastern part of Bicol Region. We wanted to give back to the birthplace of our brand which is also the founder's hometown by promoting our Island's tourism while giving emphasis to the places and its people.

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  • #RefilltoReuse

    BÁLAY OBRA aims to establish an environmentally conscious culture and brand. To support this initiative, we encourage our customers to reuse their BALAY OBRA amber jars and bottles on their next purchase.

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  • #LiveLocal

    We believe in the power of collaboration. Our aim is to work with our hometown's local artists, brands, and suppliers that shares the same value with us. We aim to spread their arts and crafts through our growing community and to also share stories that will resonate with you.

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